Google Maps

Google My business is a service that Google provides for free to local businesses. Get it right and you can find yourself in the local snack pack results at the top of the organic search results, don’t and people won’t not be able to find you! There are several key components to ranking your Google maps page, but the payoff if done correctly is huge. I’ve had clients that have been ranking in the snack pack for years, and they are always generating 30+ phone calls a month, just from their ranking.

As I said above, there are certain things that we look for to rank a Google map into the map pack. Those top things are citations, reviews, map embeds, and website ranking. If you don’t know what these things are, here’s a bit more info. A citation is anywhere your Business Name, Address and Phone number are displayed across the web. This is one of the top factors in your map ranking. The more you have, the better off you’ll be. Most sites can have around 300-350 web directories to list your business in. Reviews help by getting your listing to stand out, and also provides a way for potential customers to find out about your service history. Along with reviews another important thing to have is map embeds of your location. The more embeds you have the more popular Google will see your location as being. Last, another thing that helps you create good rankings in the map pack is by having a well ranking website in the organic searches.